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VeriSign Authentication Services provides solutions that allow companies & consumers to engage in communications & commerce online with confidence.

geotrust ssl certificate

Ensure SSL security with SSL certificates from GeoTrust, a VeriSign company and leading certificate authority.

thawte ssl certificate

Thawte is a global certificate authority providing ssl certificate (SSL) products, 128-bit encryption and extended validation SSL.


With secure sockets layer protection, the likelihood of information being stolen is dramatically decreased. It is important for business website owners and customers alike to pay careful attention to SSL certificates and make sure that they are as secure as possible before engaging in online business transactions.

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Do you need SSL

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If you have an e-commerce website the answer is definitely YES -- you need an SSL certificate! Each website that is used for gathering and transmitting customer's information should use an SSL certificate in order to guarantee the safety of this information.

Provide your visitors with the security they deserve

Ecommerce presents new and exciting oppotunities in the global market place. To successfully conduct business online, your online transactions must be secured through encryption technology. SSL represents that encryption technology. Almost every service on the internet can be protected with an SSL Certificate, and in most cases it is a requirement that you secure your online services to protect data. Enterprises generally choose to use an SSL Certificate with VPN or Extranet equipment, allowing offices to share sensitive data over the internet. SSL Certificates work with any shopping cart that supports the use of an SSL Certificate. If you are using shopping cart software, you should immediately protect order information (especially sensitive consumer credit card information) by using an SSL Certificate.

Add trust to your brand's image

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Confidence is the cornerstone of any business, and your customers can rely on SSL's authentication mechanism to build a comfortable level of confidence. Over the past 10 years, consumer magazines, industry bodies and SSL VPN security providers have educated the market on the basics of online security. The majority of consumers now expect security to be integrated into any online service they use, as a result they expect any details they provide via the Internet to remain confidential and integral. For many customers, the only time they will ever consider buying your products or services online is when they are satisfied their details are secure. Using an SSL Certificate to secure your online business indicates to your customers you take their security seriously. They will visibly see that their transactions are secure, confidential and integral and it gives them the confidence that you have removed the risk associated with trading over the Internet.